STEPPS to Ministry
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STEPPS to Ministry

STEPPS to Ministry is a course designed to help you discover the unique way God has designed you to fit into the plan of your local church home.

S is for Spiritual Gifts. STEPPS will assist in discovering the Spiritual Gifts God has given you. Not only to recognise them but to help you understand and use them to the fullest.

T is for Talents. What are your natural talents and abilities? God has gifted you with certain things that you can do well. These are also a part of God's bigger plan.

E is for Experience.
Do you know that God knows all about you? He know everything that has happened to you and God does not waste a thing. All experiences whether good or bad He will use to help you form your future and help develop those around you.

P is for Passion.
When God designed you He made you with a plan in mind. He knew what things you would enjoy doing. The passion part of the course will help you see the things you enjoy doing. The pass part of the course will help you see the thing you enjoy doing are also a part of the plan God has for you.

P is for Personality. Are you outgoing or introverted? Your personality also plays a part in God's calling on your life. Learn how to understand and work with people who have different personalities. 

STEPPS to Ministry has been running at Winepress since 1997. Over 90% of our congregation is actively involved in some form of ministry.

We believe that if a person discovers their passion and giftings and is released to live out their dream within strong, accountable guidelines, they will flourish and their passion will overflow into the lives of people around them.

STEPPS to Ministry is designed to see the church body released and empowered to live out their passion or dream in the area of their gifting.

We believe that when people are empowered to live out their dreams they will be highly motivated to see their ministry accomplished. They will overflow with passion for their area of ministry and this will be contagious to others - both Christian and non-Christian alike.

Many courses have been run which help people discover their giftings but not all of them have an outworking to place them. STEPPS to Ministry will show you how to develop personal ministry tracks or pathways for each person who completes the course.


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